Need to sell my 3 goats together. Buck ,doe and kid. Dad 2yr old next month, doe is 1 12 yrs old, and their little girl was born on March 3rd. The kid is currently being bottle feed my choice due to weather. We need to downsize our animals. Price is 300.00 for all 3.
5 Nigerian dwarfs for sale. The 3 bigger ones have been weathered. All have been vaccinated and had their feet trimmed. All are friendly and are great weed eaters 50$ each. Call or text Robert
Selling Goat Sheep Panels. All Critters welcome. Great enclosure for other livestock animals. Ponies, donkeies, pigs and dogs. build out of steel pipe and 6 gauge galvanised panelwire. Price per Panel. $75 each - 4x10 Panel. Choose walk through gate or panelgate $175. Delivery is an option. Text 512 52five 5274
Selling off all of our Mini Nubian Nigerian dwarf goats. We are switching over to Mini Donkeys Alpacas only.Prefer to sell the entire herd if possible for a discount.All females may be pregnant. All are up to date on shots. All goats are friendly disease free. Transportation is your responsibility.Prices pictures belowJose stud male Nigerian wblue eyes lost horn at early age but ladies still lo...
Young William Smaller goat the Billy, is ready for a new home. His Brothers will be ready in about a month. I have posted a picture of Roy, Williams dad so you have an idea what you may be in for. All have been wormed and are in good standing. You will need to collect. This is a cash only transaction. Call Gareth at .Thanks
BOER SPANISH CROSSES YOUNG GOATS1 Female 1 Dark Brown With Small White Spot on Head and Small Stripe on SideDOB 040119Nanny is red dappled female and billy is dark brown$225 2 Males 1 Dark Brown White 1 Dark BrownDOB 032819Nanny is black dappled female and billy is dark brown$200 EachContact Amy at via phonetextemailSearch Words boar, boer, goat, goats, nanny, nannies, billy, billies, buck, buc...
I'm selling the whole herd. Will not split up. All are 1 to 1.5 years old. 6 does and 2 bucks. $2000 cash. All 6 does are bred and will be having kids in October
Goat Panels for Sale. 4x10 Panel in red brown for $75 a panel. Panel gate $175. Build out of Steel Pipe and Panel wire. Delivery available. Call for details.
One whether mixed and boer nanny. $125 each or $200 for both.
4x10 Goat panels. Build out of steel pipe and 6 gauge galvanized panelwire melsh. Portable Pasture Panels for Sheep and Goats. Just hook together. Delivery available
Three LaManche does, 1 doeling, Simple Pulse milk machine, manual 1-gallon cream separator,and milk stand. All or nothing. Call 918-550-9560
I have 2 buckling and 3 doelings for sale Bucklings are not banded, if you want them wethered I can band them $60 bucklings$85 doelings $350 for all
Selling both. Doe is 2-2.5 years old- two blue eyes. Kid at her side is about 2 weeks old intact male. Mom is Nigerian dwarf Pygmy cross. 400 for both obo.
Nubian Spanish goats for sale asking $80 a piece. Two buckling brothers. Good natured and friendly. Have been raised around large guardian dogs.